The Team will:

  • Work closely with other organisations to provide responsive and timely care

  • Provide comprehensive assessments to establish the service users’ needs and agree interventions, appropriate to individual needs.

  • Promote independence and safety and will work closely with other agencies to provide a clinical reasoned approach to their care needs.

  • Work together to determine the amount of support / rehabilitation length of support and review this on a regular basis

  • Visit you at your or a family members home if you are unable to get to the physio workshop clinic.

The therapy team cover a range of knowledge and skills within a community setting and will always look at what is the best for each service users with no hidden costs.

Service aims:

  • To provide rehabilitation when your health is compromised

  • Promote independence

  • Assist in acute and chronic recovery

  • To work with other services if needed

  • To identify needs and work with the service user and family to promote independence

  • Support, educate and advise where needed about health promotion

  • An honest approach to discuss all aspects of health for the service user