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Sports Physiotherapy Salisbury

Sport Physiotherapy Specialists in Salisbury

Sports Injury

Sports Physiotherapy Salisbury

We offer physiotherapy sessions across Salisbury for a wide range of sports-related injuries. Recovery from a sports injury can seem frustrated and long-winded. Physiotherapy can make a huge difference to your recovery and rehabilitation.

We provide personalised sports physiotherapy from a registered physiotherapist in Salisbury. Our wealth of experience in rehabilitating sports injuries enables us to offer expert advice and trusted recommendations for treatment to help speed up your recovery.

What is Sports Injury Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is a form of physical therapy that is specialised for injuries caused by ongoing physical exercise.

Sport physiotherapy isn’t just for athletes, it’s available to anyone who has injured themselves from intense exercise. From mild muscle strain to more severe injuries, sports physiotherapy is a highly-effective method to relieve pain and aid rehabilitation.


Common Sports Injuries:

•    Rotator cuff injuries (shoulder injury)
•    Knee injuries
•    Back injuries

How Can a Physiotherapist Help with Sports-Related Injuries?

Physiotherapists can identify the root of your pain, diagnose the injury, design a suitable and effective rehabilitation plan, and increase your overall performance. Not only can sports physiotherapy reduce pain and recovery time, but it can prevent further injury. 

With ongoing treatment, your physiotherapist can identify weaknesses, and create a bespoke treatment suited to your individual requirements.

Sports Physiotherapist in Salisbury

We provide sports physiotherapy in Salisbury that is tailored to your individual needs. 

We are dedicated to providing effective, approachable, and ongoing physiotherapy for a range of sports-related injuries. 
Everyone is different, and we believe that bespoke physiotherapy sessions are the best way to truly heal your injury. We’ll be able to identify methods to speed up healing and prevent further injury from occurring.


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